1. What is easy market?

It is an online store specializing in holiday homes. Easy market offers products that you need for your holiday and you would like to find when you get home.

Shopping on easy market you can find in the house food, beverage and household products without going to the supermarket the first day you arrive.

2. How does it work?

1.Choose the products you want to find in your vacation home when you arrive

2.Tell us your arrival date and the agency or owner of your holiday home.

3.We contact the agency or owner to delivery, and you do not have to worry about anything

4.When you arrive at your holiday home you will find your order

3. How do I order?

Just choose the products you want and leave us the information we ask. We take care of everything to find your order when you arrive at your holiday home.

4. When I have to make the order?

From the day that you're already booked the house until 10 days before arrival. The sooner you do it better because we have to arrange delivery with the agency or owner. How I can pay? You can pay through paypal or bank transfer.

5. How I can make sure I find the order when i get home?

Since receiving the order we will contact the agency or owner to coordinate delivery and you can find the order in the house when you arrive. If there were any problems in delivery we will contact you.

6 .What I have to do if I need more information?

You can contact by mail to info-easymarket.me, we will answer any questions you have.